Miracles do come true!

Christmas- should be a time of joy, relaxing with family and friends, good food, a bountiful table and cheer. Its a time of reflection, a time of peace. 
For many this year, that will not be the case. Many families will be unable to have what others take for granted; their experience will be of little food and barely any water, stock starving, watching their orchards and plantings wither and crumble before their eyes. It is a time of stress, maybe one partner is working off farm, or are working away from home to keep a home for their family, food on the table and gifts to share. They could be the newly unemployed or have reduced working hours to deal with. 

Here at GBDA- H2O, there isnt a day goes by without a small miracle presenting itself. This is one that we want to share with you.
We received a phone call the other day with the donor giving us a significant donation with the request that 'we fill a tank for Christmas'. We are honoured to uphold that request by gifting tanks of drinking water to our most needy residents here. 

Together with Jason & Mandy of Granite Belt Earthmoving (Drinking Water) we are giving the best gift of all this Christmas.  A tank with 13000 litres of water so the family can have a shower, do their washing, have their friends and family visit without worrying about the lack of water.

Thankyou to our wonderful donors from the 4007/4010/4011 Community Notice board in Brisbane who has given this beautiful gift in this season of giving when times are so tough. 


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