Community - Our foundation of humanity


The African Proverb; It takes a village to raise a child means that an entire community of people must interact with children for those children to experience and grow in a safe and healthy environment. ...


Applying that proverb in a wider context to the trials of drought and fire over the last few months we can write it as: it takes a country to care and nurture the community. The community can be a family, a small village, a town or a region. There have been hundreds of communities affected over the last few months and its taken its toll on those communities. Overlaying the individual tragedies and losses that those affected have had is the outpouring of compassion, love and willingness to help.   Help for those drought affected, fire affected and latterly those flood affected has come from all over the world. We see the worst that humanity can inflict yet its far outweighed by the desire to help others. It comes in all forms through many channels, financial donations to individuals, charities, in kind donations with time, equipment and space or it can be a physical donations like food, clothing other goods or a water or fodder convoy. 

Our Donors

The Granite Belt has been very fortunate over the last few months to be cared for and nurtured in the way we have. 

We are not likely to forget the night the Deen Family and Muslim Aid Australia with 10 trucks came through fire to bring water to our parched region. Nor will we forget the day, the  Lets Send them A Truckload - Water Convoy rolled in with 10 trucks carrying water and goods for us. With tears in our eyes, and a lump in the throat, we saw the best of humanity with these deliveries from strangers who have become friends. Their donor networks stretched across the globe. 

Yet, that wasn't enough, they came again... This time Lets Send them a Truckload-Water Convoy brought 3 trucks loaded with water and goods. Muslim Aid Australia and the Deen Family rolled into town with 20 trucks this time, 10 of water and 10 of fodder for our rural people. That is a sight that will long be remembered in this town. Not long after that we had a visit from the Irish - The Brisbane SEQld Irish Drought Run group rolled into town with a massive 73 vehicles carrying water and fodder. By all accounts they had a great weekend supporting our  community. 

This doesn't take into account the dozens of individuals that have dropped by our warehouse with donations of water, generosity and and hope. The business and construction community got on board as well with them making time to come and see us, say 'G'day' and donate to our region [see our supporters page for the names]

Not only that, we have some amazing local businesses that donated their space, time and equipment, made monetary donations and have supported us while we have taken on the task of distributing food and water to those in need.

Being a part of this generosity from so many is humbling and we, here at GBDA, as residents of the region are in awe of the contribution these groups and individuals have given us. 

The ability of a family to have clean drinking water, to cook their meals, have a quick shower, feed the stock or the family pet. It allows the person to pay a bill, buy a fortnights groceries or give themselves a treat. It gives them dignity and control. It is hope and faith that we are giving;  We have heard many stories over the last few months and its an honour to be able to change the outlook for that family if only for a few days.  To give them the gift of hope and the knowledge that we [ the community ] is there and supporting them.Through the amazing support of our donors we are able to do this, and will continue to do so for as long as needed. 




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