Our Story


Founded in March 2019 in response to the increasingly dry conditions being experienced by producers and farmers throughout the region. leading to the devastating decisions to destock , pull out trees and vines, not planting for the coming season, saying No work here, and reducing the hours of already trained staff. 

Initially providing low cost food hampers to residents by GBDA, the bushfires that threatened Stanthorpe and the livelihoods of many in September 2019 changed our focus.  With a water drive by the Sunshine Coast Water Angels already under way and a convoy from MAA (Muslim Aid Australia) expected in early September we were suddenly in the water business. 

Since then we have distributed millions of litres of water to residents, thanks to the generosity of the people of Queensland and further afield


The economic impact of this drought is having far reaching consequences with reduced or lost  incomes, reduced trade for businesses, and our tourism industry also taking a hit. Poverty will be with a vast majority of residents for some years to come. 

The urban water supply is being supplied with water trucked in daily. Emergency water restrictions are in place with 80 litres per person per day being the new normal of all our residents. 

Families are leaving town to search for work elsewhere, or being split with one partner staying here with their children while the other seeks work elsewhere. 

Many rural resident are struggling to put food on the table or going without any in order to keep their stock or crops alive in the hope of getting an income into 2020. Their tanks are dry, the paddocks are bare, 


With a couple of rain events early in January and February, tanks and dams are filling for most residents across the region. Yet, the drought is far from over and there are many hard months ahead for our residents.  GBDA will be here for as long as it is needed to support and encourage our community to return to prosperous times. 

The before and after


Meet the team 

Your Executive

President: Glenda Riley

Secretary: Len McKewin

Treasurer: Barb Marsden

Volunteers: Kath McKewin

Warehouse: Ian Marsden

Our Volunteers

Are legion, 

With dedication and concern for our community, they give their time, their skills, their compassion. Some do a few hours a week , some do much more.

Our front desk team who greet you with a friendly smile and a helping hand.

Our Warehouse team who help you load your water, operate the forklift, load pods, and pump water.

Our delivery teams who bring water to those who need it most, one pod at a time. 

Our admin team who keep it all together.

Would you like to be part of this team that gives to the community. If so, we welcome you. 

Contact us on 0459 447 595 and ask to speak with Kath, our Volunteers coordinator

Our people

The Granite Belt



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